Why is Glyphosate Still Allowed In Canada?

Because PMRA says it’s OK
You may have heard that glyphosate probably causes cancer, that it is being banned across the globe, and that Bayer, the maker of Roundup, is considering withdrawing this chemical from the retail market.
Yet Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency in 2017 issued a Re-evaluation Decision that allowed for continued use in Canada of this chemical until at least the 2030s. 
Safe Food Matters says it’s not OK
We are Safe Food Matters Inc., and we have been using all legal avenues to object to and challenging this re-registration decision. We are the only Canadian group that directly issued …Read More

Health Canada bans #Chlorpyrifos

MEDIA STATEMENT: After Green-lighting Chlorpyrifos in December, #Health Canada Finally Plans to Put Brain-Wasting #Pesticide Out to Pasture (delaying action for years, following rulings in EU, and US Federal Court of Appeals)

TORONTO/OTTAWA  – A network of health and environmental groups applaud Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) for finally moving to ban the toxic insecticide Chlorpyrifos, 53 years after it was first approved for use in Canada. The Agency quietly issued a three-year plan to ban late last week.
In December 2020, the PMRA extended some uses for several years, following its first full environmental review since entering the Canadian …Read More

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Safe Food Matters Inc. is a Canadian non-profit corporation, founded in 2016, dedicated to safe food and a safe environment. We work to improve regulatory policies to better protect human health and the environment.

Our current topics are glyphosate, chlorpyrifos, and GM (genetically modified/edited products).  To see our collections on a topic, click on the topic link above, in a post or on the sidebar.  

We are going to court over Health Canada’s 2017 re-registration of glyphosate. Please help with legal costs by donating through direct transfer to  safefoodmatters@gmail.com or through our GoFundMe link. Every little bit helps! Thanks. 

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Notice of Objection: Chlorpyrifos (Environment)

Notice of Objection Chlorpyrifos (Environment)

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (“PMRA”) of Health Canada recently re-registered chlorpyrifos for spraying on mosquitos, in buildings, around structures, on trees (mountain pines and elm) and on outdoor and greenhouse ornamental plants. This chemical is highly neurotoxic, banned in Europe, and has been proposed for addition to the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants.

How did PMRA do this? By not conducting a valid evaluation of the chemical. It separated out the assessment of risks to the environment from the risks to human health, which is not a justified approach. Then in …Read More

La salubrité des aliments est importante, mais pas pour Santé Canada?

La salubrité des aliments est importante pour vous et moi, mais est-ce important pour Santé Canada? Nous ne sommes pas convaincus.  Pourquoi pas?  Nous avons été dans une bataille David contre Goliath avec eux depuis 2017 en ce qui concerne leur approche réglementaire vers la salubrité des aliments,, et avons deux observations de base. Premièrement, à notre avis, Santé Canada n’a pas respecté l’intention ou la lettre de la loi. Deuxièmement, la conduite du régulateur a posé problème.

Cet article fournit des détails sur ces deux points. En ce qui concerne le premier point, il explique comment, dans notre dossier, Santé …Read More

Backgrounder to appeal/ document d’information sur l’appel

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Canadian non-profit, founded in 2016, dedicated to protecting health and protecting the environment, with a focus on the safety of food production technologies.
Campaigns have included GM foods and synthetic biology.
Taking Health Canada to the Federal Court of Appeal over its risk assessment of glyphosate.

Who We Are


Glyphosate (Roundup) was registered for use in Canada in 1976 as a weed killer.In the 2000s farmers started to spray it right onto growing crops to kill them. The goal was to “dry-down” or “desiccate” the crops for efficiency purposes: (1) the timing of harvest could be scheduled, and (2) crops wouldn’t be …Read More




Safe food matters to you and me, but does it matter to Health Canada? We aren’t convinced.  Why not?  We have been in a David vs. Goliath battle with them since 2017 regarding their regulatory approach to safe food, and have two basic observations.  First, in our view, Health Canada hasn’t followed the intent or the letter of the law. Second, the conduct of the regulator has been problematic. 
This article provides detail on these two points. With respect to the first point, it explains how on our file Health Canada did not conduct a strong …Read More

safe food matters appeals decision

Safe Food Matters Inc. is appealing the Federal Court judgement that allows the decision of Health Canada to renew glyphosate to stand. The appeal was filed on March 13 at the Federal Court of Appeal. 
“We think the wrong legal test was applied in the case, and that the decision-making of Health Canada on the file was not reasonable,” said Mary Lou McDonald, President of Safe Food Matters.  
The case goes back to 2017, when Health Canada re-registered glyphosate for use in Canada.  Eight groups objected and asked for an independent review panel, and in 2019 Health Canada responded with no.  SFM …Read More

Federal Court releases its decision

Safe Food Matters (SFM) has received notice that the Federal Court will not direct that an independent review panel be struck to review glyphosate. 
The Court was of the view that SFM needed to “challenge the science relied on by the PMRA in the Evaluations”.  We respectfully disagree, and believe that our job was to  raise a scientific doubt about the validity of the evaluations Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) conducted.  A “valid evaluation” is one that is complete, transparent, current and free from bias and the appearance of conflict of interest. 
We believe we did that, by showing that PMRA did …Read More

Federal Court FOLLOW-UP

By Mary Lou McDonald, Safe Food Matters President

Safe Food Matters took action on Health Canada’s review of glyphosate because we believe in the law and our Court system. We think the law is on our side, and we don’t expect we will be disappointed. It was clear to all in attendance that Justice Sandra Simpson took these matters very seriously.
Hon. Simpson has a heavy burden, particularly in the current context where issues about desiccation with glyphosate and dietary exposure are coming under increasing scrutiny. Kellogg’s recently announced they are phasing out use as a “pre-harvest drying agent”, and the short-term …Read More