At this time of reflection and resolution, we offer you a message of Hope, Light and Love.  We believe this trinity is quite powerful.

Powerful in the spiritual sense, as in “Hope springs eternal” “Light vanquishes darkness” “… and the greatest of these is Love“.

Also powerful strategically, when viewed in a certain way. Here is our thinking:

  • Consider Hope as goal-setting. A hope for world peace implies a goal “for something” .
  • Consider Light as the plan or the truth. It sets out the path for how to best get to the goal.
  • Consider Love as the power that fuels the work. It provides the energy to keep going.

This trinity works in achieving what you want.  Take New Years’ resolutions: 1. set the resolution; 2. figure out how  to get there; 3. keep at it.

At Safe Food Matters, we use the trinity in our work:

  • 1. Our goals are safer food and better regulation on food risks;
  • 2. Our plan is to use legal activism and the truth to get there;
  • 3. We persevere in this legal long game for the public good

And the power of the trinity appears to be working. For example:

– Health Canada has not increased the levels of glyphosate allowed in food, despite its 2021 proposal to do so.  We helped start the campaign against the increases, and have persevered.  We recently provided additional comments (showing the proposal was based in part on uncertain science). They say they won’t make a decision until they’ve considered all comments – at least later in 2024.

– Health Canada is improving access to confidential test data based on comments we and many others submitted as part of the Transformation Agenda.

– We also keep hammering Health Canada on its refusal to reasonably deal with the objections we made in 2017 to their re-registration of glyphosate. Talk about long game! We are on our third lawsuit on this issue, and think we will prevail – in 2024 or 2025. Our ask is for an independent panel to review glyphosate.

We trust that our message of Hope, Light and Love proves useful to you in some way.

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And may all your New Year’s resolutions come true 🙂