Safe Food Matters Inc. is a Canadian charity working on laws and regulations to promote safe food.  Please see our blog/articles section for our articles on glyphosate, chlorpyrifos and gene editing.

Our current glyphosate campaign asks residents of Canada to SIGN THE PETITION TO BAN GLYPHOSATE, AND REDUCE PESTICIDE USE:

On February 2, 2022 we won our case in the Federal Court of Appeal concerning Health Canada/PMRA’s review of our notices to the 2017 reregistration decision of glyphosate in Canada.

We were the only group in Canada to take Health Canada to Court over its glyphosate registration.

As a result, PMRA was told by the Court to revisit the objections in accordance with the “Guidance” from the Court, and decide whether to establish a panel to review the the 2017 glyphosate decision. If a review panel is established, the public can make representations.

On September 29, 2022, PMRA chose to not establish a review panel.  SFM is reviewing the decision and deciding on next steps. It has 30 days to commence an application for judicial review in Court on the PMRA’s decision.

Please help us continue our work concerning Health Canada and glyphosate, as well as chlorpyrifos and gene-editing.

We need to work on possible further legal and other strategic steps.

Because we are a charity, we can issue tax deduction receipts for donations. Woo HOO! Please donate here through Canada Helps. THANKS SO MUCH!

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