Safe food matters to you and me, but does it matter to Health Canada? We aren’t convinced.  Why not?  We have been in a David vs. Goliath battle with them since 2017 regarding their regulatory approach to safe food, and have two basic observations.  First, in our view, Health Canada hasn’t followed the intent or the letter of the law. Second, the conduct of the regulator has been problematic. 
This article provides detail on these two points. With respect to the first point, it explains how on our file Health Canada did not conduct a strong …Read More

safe food matters appeals decision

Safe Food Matters Inc. is appealing the Federal Court judgement that allows the decision of Health Canada to renew glyphosate to stand. The appeal was filed on March 13 at the Federal Court of Appeal. 
“We think the wrong legal test was applied in the case, and that the decision-making of Health Canada on the file was not reasonable,” said Mary Lou McDonald, President of Safe Food Matters.  
The case goes back to 2017, when Health Canada re-registered glyphosate for use in Canada.  Eight groups objected and asked for an independent review panel, and in 2019 Health Canada responded with no.  SFM …Read More

Federal Court releases its decision

Safe Food Matters (SFM) has received notice that the Federal Court will not direct that an independent review panel be struck to review glyphosate. 
The Court was of the view that SFM needed to “challenge the science relied on by the PMRA in the Evaluations”.  We respectfully disagree, and believe that our job was to  raise a scientific doubt about the validity of the evaluations Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) conducted.  A “valid evaluation” is one that is complete, transparent, current and free from bias and the appearance of conflict of interest. 
We believe we did that, by showing that PMRA did …Read More

Federal Court FOLLOW-UP

By Mary Lou McDonald, Safe Food Matters President

Safe Food Matters took action on Health Canada’s review of glyphosate because we believe in the law and our Court system. We think the law is on our side, and we don’t expect we will be disappointed. It was clear to all in attendance that Justice Sandra Simpson took these matters very seriously.
Hon. Simpson has a heavy burden, particularly in the current context where issues about desiccation with glyphosate and dietary exposure are coming under increasing scrutiny. Kellogg’s recently announced they are phasing out use as a “pre-harvest drying agent”, and the short-term …Read More


ATTN:              Assignment, News, Food, Health, Nutrition, Agriculture and Legal Affairs Editors
WHAT:           Federal Court Judicial Review Case Challenging Health Canada’s Renewal of Glyphosate
TIME:             9:30 a.m.
DATE:            Thursday, January 30, 2020
PLACE:          Federal Court of Canada, 180 Queen Street West, Toronto
Safe Food Matters Inc. (SFM) and its president Mary Lou McDonald will be in Canada’s Federal Court in Toronto on Thursday, January 30, 2020, to challenge Health Canada’s 2017 renewal of glyphosate, the active ingredient in …Read More

Court Date & Court Case

Court Date Jan 30 TO

Safe Food Matters has good news, on 2 fronts!
FIRST, we have a court date! It is January 30, 2020, at the Federal Court in Toronto: 180 Queen St. W., starting at 9:30. The public is allowed to attend, so please show up if you are so inclined! We are scheduled for the full day.
Andrea Gonsalves, our fantastic lawyer from Stockwoods LLP, will make her submissions first, then the Attorney General will present. Andrea will then reply. I can’t wait to see her in action! Again, a HUGE shout out to Andrea and Stockwoods for taking on …Read More


We’re taking Health Canada to court over glyphosate.

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Glyphosate: Main Crops of Concern, and Why

Glyphosate is registered in Canada for spraying on the following “Crops of Concern” after the crops have started growing.  Glyphosate is showing up in high levels in most of these crops, and our regulators know it.1 






In Canada, the list of  “Common food allergies and related disorders in Canada”  includes many of these crops (which names wheat, rye and barley under “Gluten”).
Why are high levels showing up in most of these crops?  These crops, prior to “physiological maturity”, are busy pushing  nutrients (including minerals) into their seeds.  Glyphosate is a chelator that binds with minerals. …Read More

Summary of Health Canada Court Case: Glyphosate

Hello!  Here is a short summary of our Federal Court case.

Health Canada in April 2017 approved the registration for glyphosate use in Canada until 2032 or later.
Safe Food Matters and 7 other groups filed notices of objection in late June 2017.
In January 2019, Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) under Health Canada rejected all the objections.
SFM and our President, Mary Lou McDonald, decided to take the last legal step possible: asking the Federal Court to review the legal basis for the rejections.
Mary Lou is a retired lawyer. She drafted and filed the notice of application in February 2019.
But she is not …Read More

Going to Court!

SAFE FOOD MATTERS Going to Court Over Roundup/Glyphosate


Toronto, February 12, 2019 –  Safe Food Matters Inc. filed an application in federal court yesterday, challenging the re-registration of glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup herbicide. In 2017 it filed a notice of objection (“NoO”) to the re-registration decision and asked that an independent review panel be established. Eight NoOs were filed in mid-2017, and all were rejected on January 11, 2019.

“We have no choice but to go to Court on this issue” said Mary Lou McDonald, President of Safe Food Matters (and also a challenger in her own …Read More