Health Canada/ PMRA has granted an extension for commenting on increased maximum residue limits in foods until September 3. The extension is because of “the level of interest and number of comments received to date” and COVID delays.  A significantly large number of comments were submitted by July 20, the initial deadline.

The extension and additional background are in this document, which should form the basis for any new comments: Consultation on Glyphosate, Proposed Maximum Residue Limit PMRL2021-10 –

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Here is the initial post and detail on the Proposal. Look for additional communications and what you can say and do about the Proposal, coming soon.


  1. Absolutely unacceptable to increase glysophate. Bayer was sued for this cancer causing chemical. How can we allow this , as Canadians, we know better than this. Very sad news for Canada. Health Canada you are here to protect us, where is your protection here??

  2. What is the reason that an increase is necessary in the first place and if so then why is such a large increase necessary? If there is no good reason………

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