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  1. To comment by July 20, 2021 on Health Canada’s proposal to increase maximum residue limits: email hc.pmra.publications-arla.sc@canada.ca with comments on PMRL 2021-10. Please cc SafeFoodMatters.org   More info here.
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  1. I am one of those who can no longer eat commercially grown Canadian (North American) grown grains or legumes without having not pleasant gastric disturbances. I absolutely do better with organic/heritage grown products. The likely candidate for the majority of my symptoms is glyphosate. Europe is moving away from the use of glyphosate! Why is Canada thinking that increasing the amount?

  2. I am not sure why our government is constantly looking for ways to poison the population, but all these knowen deadly chemicals are doing a good job of it. Dr Zach Bush has done extensive research into the effects of glyphosate on the human/ animal/ plant existent, and it is proven deadly to all living matter. So the only conclusion I can come to as why our government would allow this is not a good one. Many countries have already banned the use or are in the process of banning this poison. God please for the health of this planet and every living thing on it please ban this product and look at banning more deadly chemicals used in our environment. Please go back to regenerative farming practices.

  3. Health Canada is a corrupt organization that follows the desires of the corrupt herbicide/pesticide cartels exactly the same way as they follow the desires of the corrupt pharmaceutical cartels. Examples of this abound. Please wake up people!! Money truly is the root of all evil. Let’s come together and make a better future for our sons and daughters.

  4. I am shocked that “Health Canada” and/or the Canadian Government still allows this known carcinogen to be added to our food chain. There have been numerous court cases that prove that Round-up/Glyphosate causes cancer, yet why has it not been banned in Canada???

    Bayer has announced that it will likely replace Glyphosate in Round-up in the US. WHY would our own government INCREASE the amount of this toxic waste in our food chain? Well, Canadians know why! The Cdn government is simply selling us out so Bayer can dump more of their product on us once the US market for glyphosate dries up.

    It is absolutely DISGUSTING that our government always puts big business ahead of Canadian citizens’ health and safety. This chemical should have been banned years ago. The ones most affected are our children, particularly in low income families that cannot afford organic produce or have the availability to grow their own food.

    Our food supply is now predominantly toxic, health care costs are exploding. A quick walk down the grocery aisles shows products that are junk, lacking in nutrition, full of additives, preservatives, chemicals. Some items sold as food really should not be considered food at all.

    Please stop the corruption and stand up for what is right. BAN ROUND-UP AND GLYPHOSATE NOW! If it is being removed from the US market, it can/should/must also be removed from the CDN market altogether and not increased to allow Bayer to make up for lost profits.

    These are definitely topics that will not be forgotten come election day.

  5. Our family and friends stand strongly against your proposal to increase residue limits.

    Glyphosate is proven to be poisonous and is proven to increase the risks of cancer. Not to mention it destroys soil which is vital for the reduction of CO2 emissions. Wake up please.

    We’re going backwards

  6. As a mother of 3 children, eating fresh food is extremely important. All people in society need to have access to fresh produce without having to worry about pesticides such as Roundup. If we as the consumers have eating produce that has been contaminated with glyphosate or Roundup, which our affects or alters ourDNA. Then we are “soft killing” our population as Bill Gates express in his Ted Talks lectures. This another form of dehumanizing our population because of green house effects?

  7. Glyphosate use must be banned for the good of all living things. More progressive countries especially in Europe will not allow its use. For “Health Canada” to actually increase the amount of this poisonous chemical petmitted in our food is irresponsible and speaks eloquently of corporate corruption of our political leaders. It makes me ashamed of our governing class. Monsanto/Bayer are criminal in their greed and manipulation.

  8. Glyphosate is known to cause harm in detrimental ways, like cancer. The organic community should not suffer from other farmers decisions to create crops with this toxin. There should be a move to eliminate glyphosate from the entire food system not allow more of a known dangerous substance to be present in it.

  9. Stephanie Seneff PhD. Author of Toxic Legacy, research this woman, she has completed the most recent study on glyphosate. P. S. Mexico announced July’21 the banning of glyphosate by 2024.

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