We are Safe Food Matters Inc., and we’re making a difference on pesticides. Our highlights from 2022 include: winning on glyphosate in Canada’s Federal Court of Appeal; obtaining Monsanto confidential test data on glyphosate MRLs; becoming a charity; and suing Health Canada for rejecting public participation in pesticide decision-making.

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Federal Court of Appeal: Glyphosate

In February, 2022, we won our case on glyphosate in Canada’s Federal Court of Appeal. The Court ordered Health Canada’s PMRA to look at our objections to the 2017 registration of glyphosate for a second time.

We think our win was a big deal, because the Court set out “Guidance” on how regulators like the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA)  need to behave when dealing with members of the public who get involved. When making decisions, PMRA needs to show it is protecting health and the environment.

Why did we win? Because we are nimble, determined, and have a vision of a Canada free from glyphosate and other harmful pesticides.

Charitable Status

That same determination is what caused us to apply for, and gain, status as a charitable organization – which means we can now issue charity receipts for donations.

This mean if you support us, we can issue you a receipt that is tax-deductible on your 2022 Canadian income tax form. You can donate here.

Confidential Test Data

In 2022, we asked for, and received, the confidential test data of Monsanto that was the basis for PMRA’s proposal PMRL2021-10 to increase the allowable levels of glyphosate in certain foods.

We provided our comments to PMRA in April, 2022, which revealed many scientific flaws and shortcomings with the proposal.

We are waiting to see what the Minister of Health does with the comments before deciding on next steps.

New Glyphosate Lawsuit

Finally, in 2022, we were forced to sue Health Canada again, because even after the Federal Court of Appeal issued the Guidance to PMRA, PMRA did not follow the Guidance. In September, 2022 PMRA rejected our objections for the second time.

We are suing because PMRA’s rejections do not, in our view, pass the legal tests for “reasonable”. PMRA also came up with totally new tests that completely stymie public participation, which is contrary to the Act.

If we win, there is a chance that a review panel could be appointed to look at glyphosate and reconsider its registration in Canada.

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Safe Food Matters Inc.