Safe Food Matters Inc. is appealing the Federal Court judgement that allows the decision of Health Canada to renew glyphosate to stand. The appeal was filed on March 13 at the Federal Court of Appeal. 

“We think the wrong legal test was applied in the case, and that the decision-making of Health Canada on the file was not reasonable,” said Mary Lou McDonald, President of Safe Food Matters.  

The case goes back to 2017, when Health Canada re-registered glyphosate for use in Canada.  Eight groups objected and asked for an independent review panel, and in 2019 Health Canada responded with no.  SFM then applied in Federal Court for judicial review and asked again for the Minister of Health to consider establishing a review panel.  The Federal Court on February 13 dismissed the application.    

The appeal process has been initiated, and Safe Food Matters has again retained Andrea Gonsalves of Stockwoods LLP as counsel. It is uncertain when the case will be heard given the current closure of the courts.  



  1. Thank you for all of your hard work Mary and team. We had to figure out how to get glycophosate out of our son in order for him to heal from Autism. Thank God we figured out how to detox it out.

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    God Bless

  2. SAFE Food Matters very seriously to kidney disease and kidney transplant people during this challenging Covid19 pandemic, especially since there are no clinical trials on covid vaccines for them.

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