Court Date Jan 30 TO

Safe Food Matters has good news, on 2 fronts!

FIRST, we have a court date! It is January 30, 2020, at the Federal Court in Toronto: 180 Queen St. W., starting at 9:30. The public is allowed to attend, so please show up if you are so inclined! We are scheduled for the full day.

Andrea Gonsalves, our fantastic lawyer from Stockwoods LLP, will make her submissions first, then the Attorney General will present. Andrea will then reply. I can’t wait to see her in action! Again, a HUGE shout out to Andrea and Stockwoods for taking on and minimizing the fees on this case: VERY generous and very much appreciated.

SECOND, the Supreme Court of Canada on December 19 released the Vavilov decision, and we think it adds strength to the case we are making, which is that Health Canada did not act reasonably when it rejected our objections to the re-registration of glyphosate. Good timing!

Andrea says the Federal Court usually publishes its decision 3 to 6 months after the court date. Our hope and expectation is that the Federal Court will direct that an independent panel be established to review the decision to re-register glyphosate, or direct that the Minister of Health consider establishing the panel. We will want to ensure that the procedure and terms of reference for the panel are legitimate and transparent: this will be our next focus.

We appreciate very much the support through our Go Fund Me campaign, and ask for your continued support. When I first drafted the notice of application last February, while visiting my Mom in the frigid Calgary winter, I must admit I was scared. But the moral support and generosity we have witnessed speaks volumes: we are doing the right thing. Fear has been eclipsed by courage, positivity and strength.

2020 is going to be a VERY EXCITING YEAR of positive change on the glyphosate file!


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  1. Many thanks for your hard work and important witness. At eighty, with MCS and COPD, living and working YT to NL, and now retired in Madoc,ON, I have always followed many efforts to guard our health and safety. I have also appreciated the work of such groups as Friends of Lanark County who kindly shared your hopeful news on Facebook.
    Thank you again for your essential witness for us all. I hope for success .

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